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In the spring of 2007, I suggested to my principal that a robotics course would probably be of interest to the students were I teach.  Of course the biggest problem with a hands on course is the funding.  Shortly after that, a fellow teacher gave me an application for a grant of $2000 from ING.  I filled it out and sent it in.  In July I received notification that I had been awarded a $2000 grant.  The local paper ran a humbling article about my winning the award which can be viewed here.

As a service to my students, below you will find the notes from which I have been teaching.  I hope that you will find this to be of some benefit as you study for your EOC's!  Please note that my lesson plans are continuingly evolving - mistakes, when found, will be corrected.

The notes are in PDF format, which means that you will need Adobe Acrobat to be able to read them.  This is a free program available from Adobe.  Simple click on this icon Get Adobe Reader to be taken to the website - you will be asked for the language type (default is English) and platform type - most of you will be running some form of Windows, select the version you are using.  One more selection on this page - Full or Basic version of Acrobat.  If you have a high speed connection to the Internet and lots of disk space you can choose the Full version.  If you have a dial-up connection, or are running low on disk space, I would recommend that you choose the Basic version.  Click on the Continue button - on the next page you only need to click on the download button to start the download.

Chemistry Lessons:
Lesson 1 - Intro to Chemistry
Lesson 2 - Math in Chemistry
Lesson 3 - Matter and Change
Lesson 4 - Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
Lesson 5 - Chemical Names and Formulas
Lesson 6 - Chemical Quantities
Lesson 7 - Chemical Reactions
Lesson 8 - Stoichiometry
Lesson 9 - States of Matter
Lesson 10 - Thermochemistry
Lesson 11 - The Properties of Gases
Lesson 12 - Electrons in Atoms

Physics Lessons:
Lesson 1 - Intro to Physics
Lesson 2 - Math in Physics
Lesson 3 - Describing Motion
Lesson 4 - Vector Addition
Lesson 5 - A Mathematical Model of Motion
Lesson 6 - Forces
Lesson 7 - Forces & Motion in Two Dimensions
Lesson 8 - Impulse and Momentum
Lesson 9 - Energy, Work and Simple Machines
Lesson 10 - Light
Lesson 11 - Diffraction and Interference
Lesson 12 - Static Electricity
Lesson 13 - Current Electricity


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