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Annabelle II
Hobie Sailing

A Dream Comes True!

I started sailing when I was a teenager.  Mostly Sunfish style boats.  Then a friend of mine purchase a 27 foot Catalina which I went out on several times.  Prior to my wife's passing, we attended a week long sailing school in Oriental, NC.   It was a wonderful experience, recommended for all.  Classes were indoor from 9AM - 12PM, and then on one of two sailboats from 1:30PM -5PM.  Instructors John and Juliana Poole were wonderful.  I made an offer on a 27' Catalina sloop.  After the usual negations, a deal was made.  An old friend, Jim Barbour, became a partner with me.   We moored the Annabelle II at Sea Harbor Yacht Club located outside of Oriental, NC.   Oriental, NC is located on the Neuse River just up from Pamlico Sound. 

Jim and I sold this boat in early 2002.

And Yet Another Dream Comes to Pass
Following my wife's passing in Sept 2000, I  purchased a Morgan Out Island sailboat.   This true blue water boat has a length over all of 41'3" and a beam (width) of 13' 10", making it a roomy boat.  I purchased it from it's original owners, who left me the sweetest note and devotion book.  "New Freedom" was their home for the first 10 years of their marriage.  My children and I took "New Freedom" on it's final voyage the first weekend of November 2000.  Following that trip, the boat was hauled out for some major refitting of systems.  It was re-launched on May 15, 2001 as , a nick name I had for my deceased wife.  A few pictures of the boat can be seen at Digital images.

With Mary's help, we have continued to make improvements on .

Major trips in 2001 were to Cape Lookout, South Port, Manteo, Ocracoke and Wilmington  for 1162 miles.   

In 2002 I made several trips to Ocracoke, Manteo, Beaufort and Cape Lookout.  Total Distance traveled 881 miles.

I was out of state most of 2003, so there were fewer trips (Ocracoke , Beaufort, Cape Lookout and Bath,NC).  Total distance traveled 462 miles

Since I came out of retirement in 2003, there were even fewer trips in 2004 (Ocracoke, Beaufort and Cape Lookout so far)

Click on Journal of the Annabelle to follow my new boat's adventures.

  Annabelle II &

Hobie Sailing is one of those things that I use to sit on the beach and envy those who were out doing it.  Now I am one of those out sailing and looking at those people still on the beach.  As a beach time activity, there is nothing quite as much fun.  Follow the link for more, plus pictures.  I sold the Hobie in June 2005.

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