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The Honeymoon!

May 21, 2005

After much planning (mostly on Mary's part) we had a beautiful union on Saturday May 21, 2005 in the Elizabethan Gardens located on Roanoke Island, NC.  Many family and friends were there to witness the occasion under glorious Carolina Blue skies.  Our thanks to Leslie Rhodes who performed the ceremony, and all those came from many miles away to attend.  We were honored to have you there.

Entrance to the     Rehearsal Friday afternoon       Some things
Elizabethan                                                    can never be practiced
 Gardens                                                                too much! 

Mary gets help from       David seating            David's Father gave
Kimberly and Lea            his Mother                      Mary away

At the union         The deed             Bride and          Tim, Kimberly
                                is Done!                Groom          Mary, David
                                                                              Lea and Scott

Mary, Julia         Daddy, Mary       Some of the
John, Sydney      David, Mother       attendees

    Her turn            His turn          Their turn

Sean gives a           Annabelle parked
toast on the deck   outside the restaurant
of Annabelle            


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