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I have had pets for many years.  The first was a white long hair cat named Spooky I got while a freshman at NC State.  As pets were not allowed in dorm rooms, I eventually had to take the cat home to live with my parents.  Spooky suffered from a chronic bladder infection that eventually took his life.  After marring n and I  got a gray cat named Tigger.  He got into several fights after we moved to Jackson, Mississippi.   An infection set in after one of these fights that took his life.

In March of 1978 Ann and I got a pair of Siamese-Himalayan kittens who we named Darth and Vader.  Darth died at the age of 8 years with pneumonia.  Vader passed away at the age of 18 years with kidney failure.

Just before Vader passed away, we took in a stray white kitten, Kosh, who helped us through the loss of Vader.  While we were building our new house in 1996-97, Ann and I took in another stray kitten, Gabriel.  Both Kosh and Gabriel spend their time indoors, with visits to the deck.  After retiring in 2001, I spent most of my time at the boat and  they become boat cats - great while the boat is moored - not so happy when it is moving!  Being back in a house suites them well - they are looking forward to a fenced in backyard and getting out a bit.

We have also had three dogs - by the kid's request.  The first was a white German shepherd, Kira, who was killed by a car when she was about two.  A year later we got another female German shepherd with traditional markings, Seigrid.  She learned to open the gate to her pen with her nose, so we had to keep a lock on it to keep her in!   The first time she went into heat, a child in Ann's daycare took the lock off the pen.  The next morning Seigrid was laying on the side porch with a big grin and a cigarette.  She had 8 puppies, all which lived.  We gave away 7 of the puppies - including one to the boy who took the lock off the pen.  The father of the puppy we kept was an Australian shepherd. 

 Seigrid is passed away at 2AM July 26th 2001 from old age.  Justin and I were with her at her death.  It was peaceful, but you could detect fear from not understanding.  She was between 14 and 15 years old.  Justin and I buried Seigrid in the woods behind the house were she enjoyed roaming so much.  Singin, one of Seigrid's pups, moved in with a friend in Oriental in 2003.

Mary has two Shiatsu that are a lot of fun and have added much excitement into Kosh and Gabe's lives.  Prior to meeting Kosh and Gabe, Quanaha and Princeton and never met a cat.  Things were a little tense at first, but while they are not the best of friends now, they at least tolerate each other!

February 7, 2005 - One of our two Shiatsu passed away this morning.  Quanaha was only 6 years old, but was suffering from an apparent spinal cord injury, and quite possibly some other illness.  His intelligence and good nature will be miss by Mary, his buddy Princeton (whose main companions will now be our two cats) and myself.  We look forward to the day, when in heaven we will be rejoined with past family, friends and all the pets God saw fit to bless out lives with.

April 22, 2007 - A new Shiatsu has arrived from Texas.  Nickie comes form the same breeder as Princeton and Quanaha.  A small fuzz ball, she was a bundle of energy. 

December 2007 - Nickie has integrated into our family - and our hearts.  She drives Princeton and the cats crazy with her endless energy.  Princeton will get fed up and attack Nickie, never really hurting her, but getting the message across loud and clear - LEAVE ME ALONE!  Nickie thinks that Gabe is her play toy.  She head butts the cat in the side, and it angers him to no end.  Being big and slow, Gabe is not able to catch Nickie's - but if he ever does . . .

May 28, 2009 - Kosh passed away this morning following 8 months of declining health.  He was cremated and is hiding among the Christmas china along with his favorite stuffed toy - Mr. Snuffologfus.  He used to walk around the house holding the toy and meowing loudly at the same time - we never could figure out why.  He was 13 1/2 years old and one of the best traveled cats (along with Gabe).  He spent time in 5 different houses, plus living on the sailboat, and spending 6 months in Texas convincing Mary to move to North Carolina.  Kosh was probably the sweetest cat I have ever had - his love and humor will be missed.  He was 13 1/2 years old

June 17, 2009 - Unbelievably, in less than 3 weeks since Kosh passed away, Gabriel has now passed away.  About a month ago he was diagnosed with severe diabetes.  While we were aware it would take his life, we were totally unprepared for his death.  Gabe was probably the most difficult cat to understand of any I have had.  His idea of being petted was about 3 rubs and then he would try to bite you!  And don't even think about picking him up - he did not ever want to be picked up.  The vet labeled him an "angry cat" when taken out of his environment.  Yet for all that, when the lights were turned off at night to go to sleep, he would get in our bed and DEMAND to be loved.  Failure to do so would result in a head butt that would have left a pro wrestler seeing stars. The backyard fence was the greatest event in his life - to be outside was the ultimate joy for Gabe.  As with Kosh and Quanaha, his ashes will be placed in the china cabinet, to ever be a part of our lives.  Gabe was 12 1/2 years old.

July 21, 2009 - After having had cats continually for over 31 years, being without was more than I could bear.  I went to Pet's Mart, where they do not sell cats, but have them displayed for an animal rescue organization and found a beautiful kitten.  A week later we had been approved and LeLou came home with us.  She and Nikkie (the female Shiatsu) have become the best of buddies - they chase each other, wrestle, sleep and eat together.  They are quite a pair.  LeLou has become the queen of the house and is  growing quickly.  The funny thing is that she has traits of both Kosh and Gabe.


  Justin and puppy Kira           Darth, Vader and Kira

  Vader taking a nap               Laurin and kitten Gabriel

Laurin and Gabriel      Kosh taking a nap

  A healthy 12 year old Seigrid

Seigrid's son, Singin!


Quanaha & Princeton                 Quanaha, Princeton,
(Kosh in the background)            Kosh and Gabe

Nickie Arrives    Princeton's      In the back yard    Gabe is not 
                        first smell                                 a happy cat!

Nickie as          A good sailor      10 weeks old       The Queen
Marvinette        always wears         LeLou
Martian               their PDF

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