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David V. Fansler


Operating Systems -  WinXP, Win2000 Pro/Server, NT 4.0 Server/Workstation, Win98, Win95, DOS, OS-X/Server
Languages – Basic, Visual Basic, C, Assembly
Software: Exchange, MS Office, FrontPage, AutoCad, Schematic Capture, PCB Layout
Design: Digital Circuits, MicroChip processors, mechanical
Tools: Oscilloscope, Solder Iron, Lathe, Milling Machine, Wood & Metal Saws, Hand Tools

Employment History

dvf Technologies
March 2001 – Present

  • Computer consulting to individuals and small businesses
  •  Embedded system design

Wilson County Schools
August 2005 - Present

  • High school teacher of physics and chemistry

Green County School System
October 2004- July 2004

       IT Technician

  • Manage an in-house network of 9 Cisco switches and 45 Cisco Aironet 1200 Wireless Access Points
  • Manage Windows 2000 Server and two Apple X Servers
  • Manage 850 Apple iBooks for teachers and students, plus 60 PC desktop computers

Sailcraft Services, Inc.
March 2003 - April 2003
April 2002 – August 2002

  • Mechanic
    Perform repair maintenance on sailboats and power craft

 TriPath Imaging, Inc./AutoCyte, Inc./ Roche Image Analysis Systems, Inc./ Roche Biomedical labs, Inc.

  1979 - 2001
   Network Administrator
June 1995 – March 2001

  • Single support person for up to 120 users
  • Converted company from Novell 3.12 to Microsoft NT based network
  • Maintained multiple NT servers
  • Setup and maintained a Microsoft Exchange email system
  • Specified and maintained all network equipment (i.e. hubs, bridges, routers, NICs)
  • Determined and implemented end user’s hardware and software needs
  • Help desk for all company computer/network/software related questions and problems
  • Provided remote access network connections – remote access and remote control
  • Maintained a daily backup of the network – including off site storage
  • Setup new users on the network – including applications, network/local printers and email
  • Assigned TCP/IP addresses to users
  • Maintained the AutoCyte web page
  • Tracked software to insure only legal copies were used.
  • Kept abreast of trends in computer hardware
  • Made recommendations for upgrading hardware and software
  • Established and maintained high speed data connections between sites (T1, ISDN)
  • Performed basic trouble shooting of Toshiba telephone system

Manager of System Integration
      February 1992 – June 1995

  • Manager of three people within Systems Integration and two people who made up the Shipping/Receiving Department
  • Built and maintained PC computers for in-house use
  • Designed and built PC computers for sale with company written software
  • Repaired PC computers sold to customers
  • Maintained adequate inventory to build PC systems
  • Tracked products sold and on loan to customers
  • Managed a Novell 3.12 network in the manufacturing facility
  • Setup new users on the network in the manufacturing facility – including applications, local/network printers and email

    Manager of Electronics R&D
   1983 – February 1992

  • Responsible for designing/prototyping and building specialized electronic/mechanical devices for use within the medical laboratory.  These projects involved the custom design of circuitry using one or more microprocessor and associated hardware.  Prototypes were hand wired and programmed in assembly language.  Printed circuit boards were drawn for final production units.  Typical production runs were from 25 to 150 units
  • Jointly granted a European patent for a part of one such device
  • Final project was turned over to Olympus Corporation for manufacturing and distribution to the world health market

     Computer Specialist

  • Responsible for the maintenance of the company’s TRS-80 Model II computers used for data collection from laboratory instruments

     Electronic Technician
    1979 – 1981

  • Responsible for maintaining laboratory equipment – repair and QC

 Russell C. Davis Planetarium
 Program Engineer
 October 1977 – June 1979

  • Aided in the final construction of the new facility
  • Managed a technical staff of 3 in the production of new public and school programs, and new exhibits
  • Managed a staff of two planetarium operators
  • Produced sound track and programmed the automation system for new planetarium productions

 Alamance County Schools
Graham High School
    August 1974 – October 1977

  • Science Teacher of Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Physics, Astronomy I, Astronomy II, Biology, Physical Science and Calculus

Continuing Education
2000 – Windows 2000 (5 day, 7 hours/day class)
1999 – Microsoft Exchange Server (5 day, 7 hours/day class)
1997 – Microsoft Exchange Server (5 day, 7 hours/day class)
1997 – Windows NT 4.0 Server (5 day, 7 hours/day class)
1995 – Windows NT 3.51 Server (5 day, 7 hours/day class)
1995 – Windows NT 3.51 Workstation (5 day, 7 hours/day class)
1995 – Novell 3.12 Training (5 day, 7 hours/day class)
1994 – Introduction to Microsoft Access, Advanced Microsoft Access (10 day, 7 hours/day class)
1991 – Implementing the Intel 80C196 Microprocessor (5 day, 7 hours/day class)
1987 – Introduction to C Programming (5 day, 7 hours/day class)
1985 – Personal Microcomputer Interfacing and Instrument Automation (5 day, 7 hours/day class)

University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill                      Master of Arts in Teaching – Physics
Graduated  May 1974                                                        Issued a North Carolina G Certificate (562390)

Campbell College                                                               BS in Natural Science and Education
Graduated  May 1973                                                        Issued a North Carolina A Certificate (562390)

Reference available upon request.

Please address general comments to web@dv-fansler.com

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