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The Kids
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Our Children

John is David's eldest son and will probably never appear here, except as a link to his own home page. He and his wife, Julia, live in  central NC.  He is a software engineer for a firm in Raleigh, NC and she is an accountant in Durham.  They had our first grandchild, Sydney,  on October 17, 2004.  They have some pictures and a diary at their website - click here.  You really need to see the video ultrasound of the baby - too cool!

Justin is David's middle child.  He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in May of 2001 with a BS in Business.  He continued his education with a Masters in Business from Oxford in England and currently lives in the north east.

Laurin is the youngest of David's children.  She graduated from East Carolina University in December of 2003 with a BS in Sports Medicine.  She is married and currently living/working in Australia.  

Scott  - Scott is a safety engineer and his wife Lea, a school teacher, live in central NC.  Scott and Lea have blessed the family with precious baby boy, Payton Scott born in April 2006.

Kimberly is Mary's daughter.  She has married the man of her dreams, Tim.  The happy couple reside in WV.  Kimberly is a safety engineer, and Tim an operations manager for a firm in WV.

Our Grand Children!

Sydney is the first of our grandchild.  She was born Oct 17, 2004.

Peyton is our second grandchild.  He was born April 2006.

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