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LX200 Keypad Simulator

dvf Technologies started in 2001, providing both design services and computer services. 

Design Services - I have been involved with microprocessors and embedded design since 1976.  I have worked with the RCA 1800 CMOS series, 6800, Z80, 16Fxxx series PIC and most recently Renesas H16 Tiny (M30260F8A MCU).  I provide both hardware and software solutions to solve special applications.  My skills also include schematic capture and PCB layout.  Prior to the H16, all programming had been done in assembly language, however I use C for the H16.  Examples of my work can be found under Projects on this website.

Computer Services - Having spent 8 years as the network administrator for an international company, I offer my knowledge to individuals and small businesses who need IT help.  I have built Microsoft networks from the ground up, including servers, websites and Exchange Server for email.  I am experienced in all versions of Microsoft Windows (I started with version 3.0).  RAID array's, backup solutions, WiFi or setting up your own network are some of the services I offer.

Please address general comments to web@dv-fansler.com

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