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A Basic Overview

David - a true jack legg!  I have more interests that could take more time (or money) than I have available.  Take a look at "David's Corner" to see the various hobbies that keep me busy

Marya good friend since 1983,  who has become my best friend and life partner.  A vivacious red head with a gust for life.  She loves sailing, cooking and can out sew me!  She is much more private than me, so do not expect to find much about her here.

 The Kids - While we have children - I are leaving it up to them to provide material for their part of the web page.  So at this time there is very little available.

The Pets - Pets have always been a part of our lives.   Take a visit to see the cats and dogs we have enjoyed being owned by.

Sailing - We are the proud owners of a 41 foot Morgan Out Island.  Check it out!

Digital Images - I started using a digital camera in 1999.   I place the images on a CD that I can hand out to family members.  Images are displayed as thumbnails. While working, I was able to have all the images on the web site, but now it is not possible.  So I have a selected few to view from.

Projects - I will be documenting electronic projects that I have completed



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Please address general comments to web@dv-fansler.com

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