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The links to the left represent some my pursuits in my free time.  However, for the last couple of years I have not had much time to spend on them.  Life is starting to settle down and once again I will start involving myself in some former activities.

Astronomy has been a passion since I was in my early teens.  My first telescope was a Gilbert (of Erector Set fame)  3 1/2" Newtonian.  Since those days I have moved up to an 8" home built (including the mirror) and lastly to a 10" Meade LX200.  Most of my time has been spent in film based astrophotography.  Having built a CB245 CCD Camera, I will soon be moving into CCD imaging.  A backyard observatory is also in the works for making the use of the equipment easier and therefore hopefully more frequently.

Lawn Grazer is an autonomous electric grass cutter.   Inspired by a design seen at Disney World's Epcot, and the fact I have a large yard, I hope to have my version running sometime in the future.

Electric R/C Flight is a new venture into an old hobby.  As the page notes, I started flying gas powered R/C planes about 1995.   I have taken an extended break, after having destroyed my trainer, due to building a new house.  I have purchase and finished building a "Park Flyer" type electric plane.  While I have flown this plane several times, I am not yet proficient at it!  (In other words I crash a lot).

Stuff for Sale - I have been a packrat for many years.  Now I am beginning to realize I am never going to be able to use all the good stuff I have collected over the years.  Mostly you will find motors,  non-PC computer boards and displays.  Who knows - I may have something you "need"!

Please address general comments to web@dv-fansler.com

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