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Intel CPUs
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Over time I have managed to collect a full set of Intel processors of the 80xx series.   The real jewels in this collection are the 4004 and the 8008, which were the first microprocessors.  My intent has been to place the processors in a "shadow box" where I could display them.  One day I intend to put them in a shadow box.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version of the image.  Notably missing in the current pictures are a 8088 and 80286.  These processors are currently hiding from me in a box somewhere.  The card in the "family" portrait is a Intel Wildcard 88 - which was an 80C88 processor on a 32 pin SIMM.  All functions were available (keyboard, I/O), you just needed to add a BIOS.

        i4004  - World's First Microprocessor   

  i4004 and i8008

  i4004 & Pentium II - Funny how children are always bigger!


    Family Portrait
    - 4004, 8008, 386/387, 486, Pentium-66,
    Pentium90, Pentium II, Wildcard 88

   8008 Board

   4004 Board

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