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Just Something Else To Do

I started flying U-control wire models as a teenager. I built my first R/C glider while in graduate school (but have never flown it). Then about 7 years ago I decided to get serious about R/C flying. I purchased a Great Planes Trainer Forty and the needed accessories to put it together and fly. After finishing construction, I took my plane out to the local R/C club flying field, where they patiently helped me learn to fly. I was just starting to get the hang of it after several Sunday afternoon sessions, when disaster struck. During a flight, the plane suddenly refused to respond to the radio. It crashed a short distance away. The wing was broken into, the fuselage broken on one side, and the carburetor was torn off the engine. I took my parts home, and over the next few months rebuilt the plane. It looked as  good as new – only I forgot to check one detail – the center of gravity. This time I was not so lucky and the plane ended up in the top of a tall tree. Getting it down destroyed it.

Some months later, I purchased a second plane – this time a Great Planes PT-40. I had most of the work done on the plane (I was ready to install the hinges), when I had to put it aside for the building of a new house. Now that we have moved in, and most of my house projects are done, it is time to get back to it!

Since I last flew, electric flight has made significant improvement. So I am going to convert my PT-40 to electric. To date I have the motor and gear reduction unit, two 1500 ma battery packs, and have built my electronic speed control (ESC). The ESC is based on the work of Stefan Vorkoetter.

I will update this page as I progress.

  • Great Planes PT-40 in it's current state of construction.

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