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Annabelle II Log for 1999
Annabelle II Log for 2000

Within these pages are copies of the journal I kept of my trips on our sailboat Annabelle II.  Since its purchase in June of 1999 we traveled the area as time has permitted.  Our favorite place to go was Ocracoke Island.  At 51 miles it is an all day cruise across the Pamlico Sound - with a period of time being spent out of sight of land to give a "real" sea cruise feel.  We stayed at Anchorage Marina at Ocracoke - a very nice marina in a very protected harbor (Silver Lake).

Our longest voyage was in June 2000 to Roanoke Island, 91 miles.  We did this as a night passage - our first.  Under a full moon with a fresh wind at our back, it was a pleasant cruise.


Distance cruised from June 1999 to October 2000:  684 miles

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