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LX200 Keypad Simulator


The Meade LX200 Classic is telescope that has been around since the early 1990's.  Many have found ways to fix these units so they still give good service today.  One of the greatest problem areas is the keypad.  Without an operating keypad, the LX200 Classic will not finish initializing and thus will not work.  I offer a low cost solution to this problem.

The LX200 Keypad Simulator is a small circuit board (~5cm x 3.5cm) which sends the correct serial signal to a LX200 Classic (pre-mid 1993 and post-mid 1993 models).  Upon receiving the acknowledgement signal from the LX200, the Keypad Simulator flashes an LED to let the operator know that control is now possible via the RS-232 port of the LX200.  Selection of Pre/Post is made via a jumper on the PCB.  Jumper on --> Pre-Mid 1993, Jumper off --> Post-Mid 1993.

I route the single sided PCB on a CNC mill using a fine tip end mill.  Each unit is hand assembled and tested with both the Pre and Post model LX200 telescopes.  All components are surface mount drawing a minimal amount of current from the keypad interface port.  The board is coated with a clear matte spray to both electrically insulate and weather proof the board.

Units are currently in production for a cost of $50.00 (US) each  with shipping via USPS Priority Mail in the US for $10.00.  Optional insurance is $2.00.  International customers must provide a full address to determine USPS International Priority Mail costs.  The easiest form of payment is PayPal.

Please contact me at web@dv-fansler.com for PayPal account information and current supply available.


Please address general comments to web@dv-fansler.com

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