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LED Lighting
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I have started an effort to replace all incandescent lights on Annabelle with LED lighting. 

So far the anchor light, steaming light and stern white light have been replaced.  Pictures to come.

Recently I have been playing with some higher power LEDs for interior use.  The IC I am using (TI TPS61161) runs 10 LED's in series.  For the galley we have chosen some 80 lumen white LED's.  The current galley illumination comes from 4 incandescent bulbs drawing a total of 6 amps.  The 10 LED fixture uses .375 amps.  The plan is to have anywhere from 3 to 5 strips total which would be still be less than 2 amps.  And if that turns out to be too much light (or you are in the mood for subdued lighting, these circuits are dimmable!

This is a picture of the galley with one of two incandescent fixtures running - 3 amps being used.


This picture is of the galley with one of the LED strips in place using .375 amps.  Quite a difference.

By the way - both pictures were taken with the same exposure 1/10 second at f3.5.


More as the story progresses.

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