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New Year's in      A tight fit      At UNC Chapel Hill Old Well   Sydney - March
the Taj Mahal       For Kosh

At Bath, NC                Nikie Arrives                         Family Gatherings

  More of Nicke   with Gabe       with Princeton       With her      Daddy's B'day
                                                                        sister Annabelle

Daddy's B'Day     Nickie            The water garden with the         Sydney's 3rd
     84                                                Taj-Mahal                         Birthday

Sydney's 3rd        Leaving for Ocracoke                Fountain         Nickie's PDF
   Birthday                                                           Race Boat

It was cold        Dog Movement   You LISTEN     Adjusting the    Nothing like
                                                     to me!               Genoa           an AutoPilot!

At the               Can we come in? 5o'clock in       Always ready    Sunrise in
Ocracoke                                   Ocracoke            to play          Ocracoke

      Sunrise and leaving Ocracoke                       Thanksgiving at the beach


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