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Mary running            At                   Inside the      Outside Treasure  Looking down
with the Dragon   Caesar's Palace   Venetian Hotel   Island Hotel         Las Vegas Blvd
New Year's eve       Las Vegas              Las Vegas       Las Vegas

The Parisian        A pair of F18s Julia, John &        Caswell          David & Mary
Las Vegas          at Las Vegas        Justin                 Lighthouse

(F) Mary, Laurin, Julia          Flowers in bloom at the         Bodie Island     View from top of
(B) David, Justin, Laurin         Elizabethan Gardens,             Lighthouse       Cape Hatteras
                                                  Manteo, NC                                         Lighthouse to where
                                                                                                               it used to sit.

Cape Hatteras   Sea Turtle at      Quanaha & Princeton's first      Cape Lookout
Lighthouse         Cape Lookout           feel of beach sand                 Lighthouse

Lizard at           Cape Lookout    Flower at           Mother's 80th  Mother & Daddy
Cape Lookout     Lighthouse         Cape Lookout     Birthday Party  on the way to

Mother and Daddy relaxing at        Ocracoke        Ocracoke             Dragonfly
Ocracoke                                        Pirate           Lighthouse


Julia and John's    Boat Dogs       The Moon &        Super Model  Lea, Scott, Mary, Kim
nursery art work                              Venus              Kimberly        David, Bernie

Sydney visits     Julia & Sydney       Kosh                Mary &      David, Mary, Billie Luck
for Christmas   John, David, Mary                           Quanaha      Mother & Daddy
                        Mother & Daddy

Mary with Quanaha and Princeton        Gabe                   Our house - It
David with Gabe and Kosh                                               snowed Dec. 26!

New Years Eve fireworks and a New Year's toast at Disney World

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