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Annabelle In       Out the Dock      Ice Burgs?    From The Oriental
   Snow                                                                    Bridge

A familiar site     From the              Sunset            Can we go
on NC 55              cockpit                                        out?

    Beaufort        In the ocean      Cape Lookout   Broken Shear Pin
    Sunrise                                                            43F Water

Mary and Gabe      Sailing            Marker found on this wreck

Annabelle at       Mary at the     Brownie points  Mary, Quanaha
Cape Lookout         helm              on Valentines     and Princeton 

 Don't you take     Family         Stressed out        Flying Scot  
  that picture!     Gathering           sailor                   race      

  Mary and my   Mother, Billie Luck    Mary & David   Bath, NC Church
     Dad             Aaron, Mary, Laurin   at Ocracoke     Built 1734 - still used

Another trip to  Stormy Day on     Quanaha, Princeton   I touched a part     
Cape Look Out    Pamlico River      & Kosh in back          of the International    
                                                                                   Space Station!

 ISS Control    Mary touching a   Beside a shuttle  Family Gathering
  Room              part of the ISS     main engine      Tim, Kim, Mary, David
                                                                            Lea and Scott

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