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Julia and             Mary and         Sunset at         New Permit?       Sea Shells
Sydney                Sydney           Biloxi, MS

   Kosh and         View from the     Tree Frog            David's           Dew on one
   Princeton         mast camera                                New Look       of Mary's roses

Hoboken, NC       Sunset in Georgia Bay, NC        A guiding light     Kitty Pussy

 Marker for the   Looking along    Wright Brothers  Mary at the     Hey, they built
Wright Brothers   the take off       National               monument         it for me!
first powered        rail.                  Monument

  In Manteo       Sydney asleep     Sydney's first visit to         Warlock trying
                         on Annabelle             Annabelle                     to calm Sydney

 Sunsets with a waxing moon        Gabe seems to   The lion and     Chocolate cream
                                               be comfortable     the lamb        cheese seven
                                                                                               layer tort

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