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Keeping Up With It All

As with any major piece of equipment, you should keep records of maintenance done.  Not only will this help you to remember when you did things, but trends can be spotted allowing you to possibly avert a disaster before it happens.  I freely admit to being anal - at least when it comes to creating paper work - not always so good in keeping up with the paper work.  When I first started sailing on my Catalina 27, I kept a log of where, when, who, weather and what ever else seemed worthy to write.  When I was refurbishing , I developed a series of logs that made it easier to keep up with the where, when . . . .   In addition, I created logs for several other functions I wanted to track - oil changes, alternator belt, water pump belt, impeller.  All of these were created with an old Windows program called PerForm Pro Plus.  Much easier to create forms with this program than any other I have ever used.  I recently ran out of page 1 for the travel log, so I went looking for the forms - could not find them.  So I reloaded the software and recreated them all in about an hours time.  Since probably no one has ever heard of PerForm Pro Plus, I have converted the forms to PDF format.  If you have the full blown version of Acrobat you can change the information specific to to match your own boat.  If you do not have the full version of Acrobat I offer two solutions; 1) print the form as is, print out the info for your boat and glue over the info for my boat and make copies.  2) If you send me the information you want at the top about your boat, I will modify the original form, convert it to a PDF and email it to you.  Please note that if I am swamped with requests, it may take a while.

The trip log is the form I use the most.  I try to update it on the hour.  I keep all the forms in a single 2" notebook.  This works for me since the cockpit of stays dry.  Your situation may vary.

Trip Log - Page 1
Trip Log - Page 2
Diesel Fuel Log
Engine Oil Change Log
Engine Alternator Belt Log
Water Pump Belt Log
Engine Impeller Log

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