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Part Number Description Quan Manf
140504B IC, 12 Motorola
1455 IC, MC1455 Single Timing Circuit 1
8T20 IC, Bi-Directional One Shot 5
8T26A IC, Tri-State Quad bus Transceiver 14
9602 IC, Dual One Shot 14 Signetics
AM9128 IC, 1 AMD
CDM62256E10 IC, 6 rca
CL-CD180-10PC IC, 5 Cirrus Logic
CL-CD2400-10PC IC, 5 Cirrus Logic
DG141BP IC, 12
DP8304 IC, 8 Bit Bi-Directional Receiver 3
DS1267-010 IC, Dual Digital Potentiometer 10 Dallas
DS1287 IC, Real Time Clock w/battery 1 Dallas
DS1620 IC, Digital Thermometer and Thermostat 4 Dallas
FD1791B-01 IC, Floppy Disk Controller 3
ICL8211CPA IC, Programmable  Voltage Level Detector 8 Pin DIP 30
ICM555IPA IC, CMOS 555 Timer 1
ICM7170 IC, Real Time Clock 11
ICM7213IDP IC, One Second/One Minute Timebase Generator 1 Intersil
ICM7217BIJI IC, 4 Digit LED Display Programmable Timer Common Anode 1 Intersil
IH5012CPE IC, Quad Switch For Mixer Project 10 Intersil
MB81461-12-SL IC, 8 Fairchild
MC14504 IC, 1 Motorola
MM451 IC, 16 National Semiconductor
MM5240AA0 IC, 1
NE5018 IC, 8
NE5018N IC, 1 Signetics
NE5019N IC, 1
S5024O IC, 1 AMI
SG3731N IC, PWM 9 Silicon General
SHC80KP IC, Sample and Hold 2 Burr Brown
SSM2402 IC,   For Mixer Project 42 PMI
VL16C452 IC, 4 VLSI
VL82C101 IC, 2 VLSI
VL82C102 IC, 2 VLSI
VL82C103 IC, 2 VLSI
VL82C104 IC, 2 VLSI
WD51B IC, Irrigation Controller 1 Western Digital

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