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Part Number Description Quan Manf
MOC3010 IC,  OptoTriac Driver Output 4
PA10 IC, Power Op Amp 2 Apex
Q4025L6-ND Triac, 25A 400V 2
SG3635R IC, 2A Half-Bridge Driver 1 Silcon General
UDN2595A IC, 8 Channel Sink Driver 29
UDN2841B IC, Quad 1.5A Darlington Drivers 3
UDN2981A IC, 8 Channel Source Driver 10
ULN2003A IC, Seven darlington Array 26 SGS
ULN2064B IC, 50V -1.5A Quad Darlington Switches 41 Sprague
ULN2823A IC, Darlington Array 9
TSC427CPA IC, Dual Power MOSFET Driver Non-Inverting (replacement for DS0026) 20 Teledyne
SNC55464JG IC, Dual Peripheral Drivers 50 TI
145406 IC, RS-232 Driver/Receiver 8 Motorola
1488 IC, Quad Line Driver 25
1489 IC, Quad Line Receiver 23
75451 IC, Dual Peripheral AND Driver 3
75452 IC, Dual Peripheral NAND Driver 6
75452CN IC, Dual Peripheral Driver 0
75453 IC, Dual Peripheral OR Driver 5
DS0026 IC, Dual MOS Clock Driver 3

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